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made by Julian Rzędkowski


Example: Heidenau - Norburg

Do not mix languages. Use only german or only english tags. Tags are case sensitive: Only small letters!

[kopf]/[header] / [/kopf]/[/header]
contains timetable header

[strecke]/[route] / [/strecke]/[/header]
contains route name

[zug]/[train] / [/zug]/[/train]
train number

[tage]/[days] / [/tage]/[/days]
days of operation

[tfz]/[class] / [/tfz]/[/class]

[gl]/[mass] / [/gl][/mass]
load limit

[laenge]/[length] / [/laenge]/[/length]
length limit

[mbr4] / [/mbr4]
minimum brake percentage, for 4th column (centered)

[mbr5] / [/mbr5]
minimum brake percentage, for 5th column (aligned to the right)

[vmz] / [/vmz]
speed limit

[text] / [/text]
additional text lines

[text1] / [/text1]
additional text field

[plan] / [/plan]
contains the timetable

starts new line (no end tag)

divides fields in line; can be omitted for empty fields at the end of a line

[inv] / [/inv]
white on black

[lin1] / [/lin1]
solid line over cell

[lin2] / [/lin2]
dashed line over cell

[sec] / [/sec]
small for seconds

saw line for each full 10 per thousand slope (no end tag)

lying T for short entry or dead end track

Yen-sign for end of points

line structure:
[ln]kilometration/mileage|speed|station/stop/signal/info|saw line(s)|kilometration/mileage|arrival|departure/pass